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"Is My Business Idea Compelling?  The 60 Minute Litmus Test."

Dear Friend, Thinking of launching a new business? Do you have a business idea or innovation that you’re not sure whether to kick off? You’re not alone.  Deciding whether to launch a new business is one of the toughest decisions we have to make.  It’s easier just to park it on the back shelf, maybe waiting for someone to scream from the roof tops that you should pick it up and get it to market before someone else does! Or maybe you’re one of those who is just going to go ahead anyway and commit the time and expense of getting your concept off the ground.  It’s quite possible that your software / mobile application / food concept  will fly like a bird and make you a fortune.  But how sure are you? Either way before you go any further you must answer ONE $64K question and do it before you write lengthy business plans and negotiate finance.  That question is:


Of course the best VC’s and business angels will pride themselves on picking winners by being able to answer this question.  But it is one which YOU must be able to answer because you have  to have the confidence to get your business off the ground and overcome all the obstacles to making that happen.  You’ve also got to persuade lots of others that it’s a great idea too. We’re going to tell you how to answer that simple question.  And by the way it is not a feely-touchy thing.   It’s a proven method that combines science with common sense based on best practice research. So if you'd like to know whether your idea is going to be a winner, avoid ploughing your money into a non-starter, stop any more time wasting and get your customer proposition spot on, then this should be the most important letter you'll ever read. Here's why: Ever wanted to predict the future? Take the 60 Minute Business Litmus Test to find out the true market potential of your business idea and know for sure whether your idea is a winner. Now, I know you're probably sceptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: We have both been in senior corporate and entrepreneurial roles, with first hand experience of developing new products, evaluating new technologies and buying technology startup companies in the UK and around the world. Reason two: In 2003, we started our own business to help clients develop market winners. Our clients now include many blue chip organisations and even governments. But it's not just large organisations, we have also helped many smaller companies as well as start-ups seeking funding. Reason three: Between us, we've been involved in developing many market winners, but in many cases the most valuable lessons we've learnt were with the occasional flops. We've pooled all our knowledge from these winners and losers to create the ultimate test for the strength of your business idea. Here is a summary of the benefits you receive
  • Enlarge your business idea and develop a clear customer proposition
  • Gather and capture your thoughts together so that it's easy to take the next step
  • Evaluate your idea in 60 minutes or less and know if its a winner
  • Don't waste a moment longer on theories and fantasies
  • It tells you whether your idea will work, but more importantly, whether it is compelling to customers
  • You can focus your efforts on where the money is
  • Pinpoint your target market and know exactly who represents your first core market segment
  • Ensure the very best financial returns
  • Identify areas for increasing exclusivity
  • Enhance margins by keeping out competitors
  • Measure the value of your idea and identify areas for improvement
  • Get the very best price by understanding what customers care about
  • Immediate digital download of Litmus Test
  • Don't waste a minute longer, get going with your business today
  • Easy to follow and quick to complete
  • Avoid the confusion of starting a business, no nonsense implementation of your dream
  • Videos, audio and wookbook downloads
  • Enjoyable learning that matches the way you think. Reapply your learning to any number of different business ideas
  • Interactive workbook that captures all your market findings
  • Avoid floundering by information overload, instead watch the value of your idea grow within your business master file
Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things. Let me explain. Imagine a world where you can predict the future of your business. You would know whether your idea was a sure fire winner and be armed with the right tools to go hammer and tongs at your market. And just as importantly, it would stop you ploughing money into fruitless projects. The Business Litmus Test will take you by the hand and help you predict the future by answering these 3 questions: 1) Is there a market for my idea? 2) Can I get exclusivity? 3) What value does my idea bring to customers? By following our video and using our workbook and ACE evaluator tool, you'll be able to expand your idea and capture improvements on the way that turn the idea into a strong business proposition. To put it simply, our 60 minute course will give you the reassurance that your idea is a market winner. And if not, it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in pursuing an empty dream. By the end you've have a master business file that captures all the details of the market fit with your business ideas. Armed with a clear, strong business proposition, you'll be ready to overcome any last hurdles to turning your idea into reality and be hungry to get started.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what our customers say.

Testimonial: I don't know how I got onto this list, but I'm glad I did. You're a Genius. E.V. South Africa Testimonial: Thank you very much Raglan. Now it's up to me, and I think I will succeed. I appreciate your help. Ernest Mnisi Warning: Do NOT buy any The 60 Minute Litmus Test unless it meets the following 2 criteria There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 2 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain: Before you waste time preparing lengthy, laborious business plans and funding negotiations you need to quickly check: "Will my idea work with customers - is it compelling". You need to know exactly who represents your first core market segment. Don't try to bite off more than you can chew when you are starting out. You get at least 10 times your money's worth! When we work for corporate clients they willingly pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these answers. The fees quickly ramp up when you charge $2,000 per day. Besides, what is the cost in terms of your time and energy if you wrongly pursue a bad idea. In summary, here's what you get: You get the step by step process that evaluates you business idea. This includes a video, audio, pdfs, your interactive workbook that captures the full details of the business proposition and access to our unique business evaluator tool, ACE . All instantly accessible by your unique password key. If you respond right away, you pay only $97 $27. Act immediately and receive the following bonuses Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following: By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad moneyback guarantee: You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, moneyback guarantee If, for any reason, you don't get the results you want with our 60 Minute Litmus Test, we'll give you a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee. If for ANY reason you want your money back, no questions asked, DONE! Still not sure if this product is going to make a difference to your business? Well don't decide now. Just download it and try it out. If it doesn't deliver and leave you ready to charge ahead with your idea, if you don't save time, money and frustration, if it just doesn't do it for you; you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Here's how to order right now! To order The 60 Minute Litmus Test just click the button below Order Now! To your success, Raglan Tribe & Christopher Chadwick, Innovation Launch P.S. So many business ideas flop because people just don't know where to start with them. Get over that stumbling block by downloading our Litmus Test now. P.P.S. Don't waste any more time fantasising about your great idea. Know for sure if its going to work by putting it through our test. P.P.P.S. Can you afford to invest all your resources and money into your idea in its present state? What if it's never going to work? If you don't want to risk all of that, take the Litmus Test now.
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